Creationism vs Evolution

This can be a contentious issue, but in reality it is not. It’s not “either/or”, “one or the other”, “right or wrong”. Creationism is a matter of belief and beliefs (and yes I hold beliefs) can be irrational. Evolution is not a belief, but an explanation of the natural world (how life developed and diversified). As such we should accept evolution (just as we accept gravity, atoms and electromagnetic radiation). Evolution says nothing about how life began (creation) and, as such, does not have to conflict with any religious ideas on creation. The problem is that some (very few) creationists insist on conflating life’s origins with how it developed and diversified. Quite sad really as they reject science in favour of irratiuonal belief instead of accepting rational ideas on science and holding their belief as a separate entity. I subscribe to NOMA (Non Overlapping MAgisteria – see the work on this by Stephen Jay Gould)


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