A Proposition: Reposition the Supposition of Opposition – By Kevin Bartle

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I still believe that education is far too important to be left in the hands of politicians. That said, Labour and others need to come up with a credible plan for education… otherwise we will be stuck with a Conservative ideology for many, many years to come. This blog, from Kevin Bartle articulates the need for an effective plan.

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This was first posted on the Labour Teachers blog site.

Keven Bartle is the Headteacher of Canons High School in Edgware, NW London, which is a Teaching School as part of the Canons Park Alliance. He is lifelong Labour supporter from one of the few remaining bastions of Labour support, the North East. He tweets as @kevbartle, blogs at dailygenius.wordpress.com and does so in very much a personal capacity.

A Proposition: Reposition the Supposition of Opposition?

When I signed up to blog for Labour Teachers, I did so with a sense of cautious optimism that I’d be writing my first post under a Labour-led government. Such is not the case, but it’s a testament to the nature of recent years that neither my heart nor my head is surprised at the situation we face. In truth, as a Labour (Head)Teacher the real surprise is that, after five years of coalition…

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