Grim news on teacher training

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John Howson provides a very worrying picture in his summary of the ITE application data. Government needs to sit up and take notice.

John Howson

The first figures for applications to teacher preparation courses starting in September 2015 were released by UCAS earlier today. As far as providers in England are concerned, applications overall are down from 71,980 to 60,890 a drop of around 11,000. Assuming every applicant makes the maximum possible of three applications, this would be a drop of more than 3,500 applicants compared with the same point last year. In fact the drop in applicants domiciled in England is actually 4,540 compared with last year. This suggests not all applicants use their full number of possible applications; presumably some are location specific and can only apply to providers in particular areas. The decline in applicants is reflected across the country and in percentage terms is greatest for higher education courses, where applications are down from 43,000 to 32,000 between January last year and January this year. This is despite the application process…

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One thought on “Grim news on teacher training

    Graham Holley said:
    January 30, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    This is all so sadly predictable – a combination of measures purporting to raise standards by restricting access to training, and curtailing the recruitment campaign to the point where it is ineffective. All warned against four years ago.

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