Glasgow’s Intelligent Design Director has ”open mind” on age of Earth

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Dr Noble here seems to be acting like a six-day creationist who has simply not read enough science to understand the fundamental errors he is making. That he is a six-day creationist is in no doubt for me having had dinner with him before a Durham union debate some years ago. That he simply does not understand carbon 14 dating is astonishing. Paul Braterman’s post, below, neatly dissects his ‘arguments’.

Primate's Progress

Al Furqan Mosque, Glasgow, in whose Community Hall Dr Noble spoke last Friday (November 28) on ‘Intelligent Design: Myth or Reality?’

See how many errors of fact and logic you can find in what Dr Noble, Director of Glasgow’s own Centre for Intelligent Design, said when asked about the age of the Earth. This was on the occasion of his visiting a mosque as part of the activities of Scotland’s Interfaith Council, which receives £9,000,000 a year of taxpayer money. I will be forwarding this blog post to him, and offering him equal space to reply.

Dr Noble said that the scientific consensus is about 3 billion years old, but there is a lot of uncertainty about all scientific things and some think the earth’s only thousands of years old. He thinks the Earth might be old, but human beings might be “much younger than most scientists would accept”. A geologist…

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