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Wow…. failed final observation.

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How some NQTs are treated reminds me of children being bullied by others just because the others have the power to bully. So this poor teacher meets induction and all they have to look forward to is an even more oppressive year two. Remind me again how many great teachers leave the profession within the first 5 years?
So on the basis of ONE lesson (and we all know lesson observation is at best unreliable) this poor teacher has a term of hell ahead of them.
So we now have a teacher who by all other measures (assuming what is reported here is accurate) is good now thinking that they may not be a good teacher and may not ever be a good teacher.
Imagine the outcry if the teacher had said to one of their pupils – ‘well up until now you have been fine and all your work is good, but that last bit of work you did was not up to my standards – so next term you have to be in the remedial group and have everything you do subject to scrutiny.’ On that basis alone I would grade the teacher as RI.
So my verdict for this mentor is that he/she requires improvement and needs extra training in how to be an effective mentor!

Teaching Tantrums

The thing about the NQT year is, you just get used to things, you feel like you’re getting the hang of things, slowly getting a work life balance and then WOOOOSH! The rug is literally pulled from under you. This happened today.

With only two weeks left to the half term, I had my last observation. I have my class for next year, I’m excited to still be working with my TA who I love and my class next year is a brand new one with all new mod cons. I just had to get through my last observation. And I failed. Well to put it bluntly by my mentor, ‘that lesson was a bit wobbly…. no, actually, it would have failed.’
‘Can I do it again?’
‘No, I’ve just told Miss X (Headmistress) how… how it needs more work and you’re going to be observed weekly from September. And…

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