Is the anti-Free School news all a bit too much?

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A view from a Free School Head


Along with my colleagues in education, I am enjoying a much needed break. Unlike most however, I am spared the difficult few months of marking coursework, final preparation for GCSEs and A levels and the inevitable post-mortem which will follow in the autumn. This is because I am the Headmaster of a secondary school which currently has students in just years 7 and 8.

It is a Free School (pause for indignant harrumphs from Tristram Hunt’s army of followers) and so, if I am to believe all I hear on twitter, it is a school which is either destroying education, lining the pockets of its supporters, the preserve of the middle classes or just an unwanted and unnecessary irrelevance. Not surprisingly, I do not recognise any of these descriptions in the establishment I am proud to run. In actual fact visitors to our school will find us surprisingly school-like!


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