How to treat staff… (crap behaviour by Academy Chains)

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I’ve heard similar stories about ‘Wilton’ Academies. It’s really worrying.


How to treat your staff – academy chains

I am not a fan of Local Authority consultants and I believe that Local Authorities themselves are inefficient. However, I’m also aware that Academies have their issues, and in particular, Academy Chains appear to have no direct inspection in the way Local Authorities do.

I have decided to reprint something I received by email. I have changed names and details of schools and individuals, though I’m well aware it’s possible to guess who they are.

I recognise the stories are one side of the story, but they represent the worst of schools – one of bullying and harassment and the reason so many teachers suffer from stress and leave the profession. It sounds to me that problems of management are too often transferred onto the teaching staff – those often holding the school together.

I don’t agree with all of the points…

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