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How NOT To Defend Evolution; With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies?

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Primate's Progress

File:Tree of life SVG.svg  Evolution is fact as well as theory. There is no scientific controversy about this. It has advanced way beyond what Darwin could have imagined, and well-meaning commentators who forget this risk doing more harm than good.  (And come to think of it, have I too misframed the problem by using the word “defend”, as if there were something that could sensibly be attacked?)

On Friday, the Forbes Magazine website carried an article entitled Creationism Has No Place In A Science Class. While sincerely intended as a defence of evolution, this article is so laden with rhetorical, logical, historical, and scientific errors that it plays straight into the hands of the creationists. If anyone were to defend atomic theory in the same way that this article defends evolution, the absurdities would be obvious. It is a sad comment on the extent to which we have allowed the enemies of reason to dictate…

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Meeting OfSTED: The Game has Changed. | headguruteacher

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Meeting OfSTED: The Game has Changed. | headguruteacher.