Month: October 2011

Only in the USA (well, for now!)

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Calamities of Nature, irreverent webcomics by Tony Piro
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Everyday Champions Church : Free School

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ECC church academy

A sensible decision from Michael Gove.

The proposed free school which was to be founded on strict biblical literalism, but the school proposers did graciously agree to teach evolution in science ‘as a theory’. Their application for permission to open a free school will not be taken forward.

My concern was that the school would not teach evolution well at all and it would be undermined at each and every point. The integrity of its science teaching would be cast into doubt given that their own characterisation of evolution clearly shows that they do not understand How Science Works.

I will be interested in the reasons provided for not progressing this free school application.

Everyday Champions Church : Free School

BBC News – Late Nobel medicine laureate Ralph Steinman keeps award

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Seems I’m on a Nobel Prize theme ‘day’. This story reminds me of the case of Rosalind Franklin – a great scientist who also inconveniently died before an award. I am so pleased that the awarding body reviewed its rules and regulations and did not refuse to make an award on the basis that the person is dead (especially as this happened close to the award). Any scientist working on science that is worthy of the award, who is perhaps part of a team of scientists should get due recognition for their role. Pity we cannot gain the recognition that Franklin deserved.

BBC News – Late Nobel medicine laureate Ralph Steinman keeps award

BBC News – Nobel win for crystal discovery

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The award of the Nobel prize is the the highest achievement for any scientist. In this case, the thirty year wait between discovery and prize tells us a lot about ‘How Science Works’. The initial discovery was not accepted by the scientific community, but through research the acquisition of evidence, the existence of these strange crystals was confirmed.

Those who seek to bypass science for their ideas should learn from this story how science is conducted and how new ideas can be accepted.

BBC News – Nobel win for crystal discovery