A Better Way to Teach? – ScienceNOW

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A Better Way to Teach? – ScienceNOW.

Stop the Press! Hold the front page! Lecturing at students isn’t necessarily the best way to teach!

How fascinating that for the full 25 years I’ve been in science teaching I’ve known that getting children to work through misconceptions, problem solve and have hands-on experience with science through investigations is a better way to get them to understand science rather than just telling them all about it. Yet only now are some academics ‘getting it’!

This is a flawed study (as pointed out in one of the posts) and the effect does seem very ‘large’ and this could be due to the methodology used in this study. But there is no doubt that this type of teaching produces better results. The problem that we have of course is that it is also expensive and many lecturers who will believe that the prime concern of universities is research not teaching will not wish to increase their teaching loads in order to achieve such results. With fees now considerably higher, the consumer may well demand more teaching and more contact with the big names in their universities – that will place pressure on the profs to do more teaching and less research and that could affect the university world ranking.

I wonder how this paradox will be solved?


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