There are some very very reasonable Christians out there

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I was (am? still am?) a Christian. I was born (without my explicit consent) into a Christian household. I went to Church, was a choir boy, a server of the sacrament, I was inducted into the Guild of the Servants of the Sanctuary and still have my medal that I proudly wore when in the choir.

The fact that I was born into it doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind.

Am I still a Christian? In some ways yes – that’s my ‘natural’ home – I thought about it when I filled in the census – do I proclaim that I am a Christian or do I put down something more truthful – that now I am more ‘no religion’ than religion. Parts of the ‘faith’ conflict with my scientific training. I don’t accept that there is a supernatural being that directs my life or anyone elses, much less do I think that this being judges me now, in the past or at ‘judgement day’. So ultimately I went down as ‘no religion’. I’m comfortable in Churches and with the religious, but very uncomfortable with the evangelicals (more annoyed than uncomforatble I think).

I’m not against a creative force in nature which is ultimately responsible for the initial creation, but that’s as far as it goes for me. After the initial creation/beginning of the universe natural processes take over and we are what we are and we arrived where we are through evolution (of the universe, solar system and life). There, that’s the best I can do on this at present.

So why do I battle the creationists? Why do I seek to keep their views out of schools and why do I feel that some of them are dangerous? Simply because they willingly lie to children, they distort real science and try to blame all the ‘evils’ in the world on evolution.

I suppose I am at best an agnostic. I do feel that science and religion cannot oppose each other as they reside in different realms (one in the natural and the other in the supernatural). To this end I like Stephen Jay Gould’s idea of NOMA (Non-Overlapping MAgisteria). Religion should stick to religion and science to science and the two do not need to overlap.

Recently there have been a couple of interesting articles by devout Christians that fly in the face of the evangelicals who cannot abide anything other than a strict literalist interpretation of the Bible.

Have a look at their posts/articles. It gives me hope that not all Christians are intransigent.

Citizen’s Voice: Why intelligent design doesn’t qualify as science


One thought on “There are some very very reasonable Christians out there

    Aftab said:
    April 19, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Hi, James. Agree with what you say about the Evolution and Creationism debate. Think we ought to be challenging Creationists and ID people more.

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