Science is under attack (again)

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I read a very sad story today – it was about a science lecturer who is a Muslim and who defended evolution. He has been subjected to attacks about his ‘beliefs’. I don’t think that he ‘believes’ in evolution, I think he accepts the scientific evidence. But, and this is the sad thing, some people have issued death threats against him. How sad, religious, moral, upstanding people who subscribe to a religion apparently feel that a death threat is an acceptable way to deal with a simple science issue. OK, he also said that Muslim women should be free to cover/not cover their hair. But is DEATH really a measured response to an academic expressing an opinion?


My feeling is that this is just an ‘opportunity’ for some to preach radicalism and get into the newspapers. Perhaps if we starved them of the oxygen of publicity it would stop their radicalisation. So for that reason I’m not linking to the press reports (for now).


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